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photo courtesy of Eric Gowens

Yeah that’s me, just kayakin’ away in Puget Sound, near Olympia, Washington.


Creative Self

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This is me, attempting to be creative at the Seattle Art Museum…one of many self portraits!

Here’s Some Sunshiiiiine

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Snow Ain’t All Bad

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Sometimes in the spring, when the snow is wet and gross, and you all you want is sun, it’s nice to have a reminder that it really isn’t always bad:

Happy Face

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I realized I never put people in this blog…so here’s a little image to hopefully make you smile!

Dear Canada

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A shot from the oldest Chinatown in Canada, located in the lovely little city of Victoria, on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Sunshine and Blue Water

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In a blustery spring, I’m missin’ me some salty air and sunny skies.